President of the Municipal Assembly - Siniša Puzić

President of the Municipal Assembly – Siniša Puzić


The President of the Municipal Assembly organizes the work of the Municipal Assembly, convenes and presides over its sessions, proposes the agenda, cooperates with the President of the Municipality and the Council, takes care of publicizing the work, signs the acts passed by the Municipal Assembly and performs other tasks determined by the Statute of the Municipal Assembly and the Rules of Procedure .

The President of the Municipal Assembly is elected from among the councilors, on the proposal of at least a third of the councilors, for a period of four years, by secret ballot, with a majority of votes from the total number of councilors of the Municipal Assembly.

The President of the Municipal Assembly can work permanently in the Municipality.

Siniša Puzić

He was born on the 21st. July 1957 in Bogatić. He is a professional mechanical engineer by profession. He is married and the father of two children.

He has many years of political experience, during which the citizens elected him as councilor of the Bogatić Municipal Assembly in five mandates. He also held several extremely important positions in the municipality of Bogatić. Among other things, he was the director of the Public Enterprise “Directorate for Construction, Land, Roads and Construction”, as well as the deputy mayor of Bogatić municipality since 2017. until 2020 years. At the constituent session of the Bogatić Municipality Assembly, held on 17 August 2020 year, he was elected by the votes of the majority of councilors as the president of the Bogatić Municipal Assembly.