African swine fever – announcement

A working meeting of representatives of the Serbian Army, the Veterinary Institute of Šabac and the municipality of Bogatić was held in the office of the president of the municipality of Bogatić on the topic of the current situation regarding the emergence of the infectious disease African swine fever in Crna Bara and the taking of necessary measures.
It remains for the State of Serbia and its bodies that deal with the preservation of animal health (in this case, pigs) to implement well-known and legally prescribed measures and procedures in practical and field conditions, in a professional and high-quality manner, in order to stop the effects of those activities as soon as possible. further spread and emergence of this disease.
The Serbian Army will provide space and supervise transport in cooperation with veterinary inspectors, with increased cooperation with the police. The local self-government has installed disinfectants in the populated place of Crna Bara that can be taken by citizens.
On this occasion, we appeal to all agricultural holdings in the territory of Bogatić Municipality to report any change on their holdings to the competent veterinary inspections.