Public institutions

Bogatić Health Center
PUK Bogatić

The public utility company "Bogatić" was founded in 1984. as the Communal Labor Organization "Žurava", and has been operating under its current name since 1989. years.
The company is engaged in the production, inspection and distribution of water to households, industrial and other consumers, removal of waste and garbage, arrangement and maintenance of parks and green areas, rental of space in markets, funeral services.

The internal organization of the Company is implemented according to the functional affinity of the jobs performed and made up of three work units: city cleanliness, markets and funeral services, water supply and sewerage, and bookkeeping-financial and general work.
The work units are managed by the managers, and the management consists of the deputy director and the director.
The company employs 35 workers.

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KOC Bogatić

The cultural and educational center in the House of Culture organizes various manifestations - concerts, plays, poetry evenings, book promotions, art exhibitions. In addition to the Cultural Education Center, the work of cultural and artistic societies is organized in several villages of the municipality of Bogatić, namely: KUD "Živan Arnautović" - Badovinci, KUD "Stanimir Josipović" - Belotić, KUD "Bisernica" - Dublje, KUD "Mačevanka" - Klenje, KUD"Vez"-Glušci. All cultural and artistic societies have the support of their local communities and the Municipality, which allocates funds from the budget for their functioning, concerts, and trips.

In 2008 year, from the Municipality's budget, with the Cultural Center's own funds and with the help of the Ministry of Culture, the Culture Center in Bogatić was completely reconstructed and is now functional, modernly decorated and equipped. The hall where concerts and events are held, the stage and dressing rooms have been renovated.

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National Library


The beginning of the work of the National Library and Reading Room "Janko Veselinović" dates from the time after World War II, more precisely from 1946. years. The books were collected and brought by the locals of Sreza Mačvanski and the entire work was on a voluntary basis. It is interesting that the premises of the library at that time were located across the street from the Elementary School, on the site of today's "Havana" cafe. They were moved in 1950. in Mika Vitomirovića Street, where they are still located, and it was named "Janko Veselinović" National Library in 1960. Unfortunately, that year this institution loses its independence and becomes part of the Cultural and Educational Center, later called the Community of Culture Houses (in 1970), i.e. the present Cultural and Educational Center (since 1977).

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Tourist organization of the municipality


The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bogatić (TOOB) was founded by the Assembly of the Municipality of Bogatić and started its work on June 14, 2011.

In order to valorize, develop and improve tourism and the tourist offer, preserve and protect tourist values in the territory of the municipality of Bogatić, it performs the following tasks:

improvement of tourism in the municipality;
development of tourism development programs and corresponding planning acts
organization of tourist information activities, cultural, sports and other events of interest for the improvement of tourism in the municipality;
improvement and promotion of original values (tradition, customs, ethnological treasures, etc.) of the tourist area to which the municipality belongs and creation of conditions for its use;
organizes cultural, sports and other manifestations of interest for the improvement of tourism in the territory of the municipality;

The tourist organization of the municipality of Bogatić cooperates with the tourist organizations of cities and municipalities (Inđija, Novi Sad, Šabac, Loznica, Ljubovija,...), performs at fairs and professional, cultural, sports and other gatherings, promoting the tourist potential of the municipality ("Drinska Regatta" - Banja Koviljača , "Drina for the third millennium" - Sunčana Reka, Tourism Fair - Novi Sad).

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Preschool institution

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