20. Jan. in 2023

Recommendation of the Headquarters for Emergency Situations of the Municipality of Bogatić

Based on the Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 87/2018) and the Law on Local Self-Government (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 129/2007, 83/2014 – Dr. . law, 101/2016 – other laws and 47/2018 and 111/2021 and other laws), the Headquarters for Emergency Situations of the Municipality of Bogatić, adopts the following:


All members of the Staff cannot leave the territory of the municipality of Bogatić and must be available at all times;
All companies and institutions (managers) of importance for protection and rescue to check the correctness of construction machines, update employee lists and be available 24 hours a day;

The commissioners in Badovinca, Salaš Crnobarski, Crna Bara, Bogatić, Uzveće, Očage, Glušci, Metković, Belotić, Klenje, Sovljak, Glogovac, Banovo Polje and Dublje, and with the help of the local community council, organize monitoring of the situation on embankments and canals and everything observed inform by phone 062/8818-162 and 066/8787-133.

The population is recommended to take the following measures due to the increase in the water level:

Owners of houses, cottages, cottages and other buildings in the undefended area to visit and protect their property.
To turn off electricity, remove gas bottles and other gas and easily flammable devices from buildings in the unprotected area.
Gravel companies to prepare for the evacuation of machines and other material assets, as well as not to place artificial obstacles in the undefended area.
To evacuate livestock outside the undefended area.
To remove the beehives from the unprotected part.
Connect or remove their vessels.
To the population not to throw garbage, scum, rubble and other things in the undefended part as well as in the canal network and troughs.
Due to the increase in the level of underground water, and not the existence of a water supply network and sewage system, it is recommended for the population, especially children, to use boiled or bottled water.


Branko Danilović