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National Library

Library Janko Veselinović – Bogatić


The beginning of the work of the National Library and Reading Room “Janko Veselinović” dates from the time after World War II, more precisely from 1946. years. The books were collected and brought by the locals of Sreza Mačvanski and the entire work was on a voluntary basis. It is interesting that the premises of the library at that time were located across the street from the Elementary School, on the site of today’s cafe “Havana”. They were moved in 1950. in Mika Vitomirovića Street, where they are still located, and it was named “Janko Veselinović” National Library in 1960. Unfortunately, that year this institution lost its independence and became part of the Cultural and Educational Center, later called the Community of Culture Houses (in 1970), i.e. the present Cultural and Educational Center (since 1977).

Library activity has been the primary branch of all these public institutions for all these years, and as a natural consequence of such thinking, the 18. In February 2011, the National Library “Janko Veselinović” from Bogatić became independent again.

This cultural institution is currently in the phase of reorganization, arrangement of rooms and library materials. From what dynamics will these works proceed, in the spring of 2012 at the latest. year, the library will work in two shifts (07:00-20:00), and already three departments are operating within it:

  • Children’s
  • Department for adults
  • Department for acquisition and processing of library materials, and now there is a reading room within the library.

The municipality of Bogatić will use its resources to ensure that this, now public institution, gets the much-needed computers and printers and ensure comfortable work for all users and employees of this institution. In the coming period, the library will try to animate as many people as possible in order to return to books and cultural values by organizing poetry and literary evenings, literary forums, and recitation sections.

Even if the National Library “Janko Veselinović” does not have adequate rooms, they contain over 35,000 books, some of which are priceless. One of those rarities is the “Serbian Dictionary”, an original work from 1898. Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. Here, too, you can find all the reading material for elementary and high school students, books on national and world history, classics, modern writers, encyclopedias, religious, philosophical, sociological works.

Our and Your library has around 400 members, and that is the multi-year average for the municipality of Bogatić. The membership fee for the unemployed is 300 din, for schoolchildren and students 400 din, while for the employed part of the population it is 500 din.
In the era of computers, mobile phones and other “miracles” of modern technology, the book is increasingly becoming a “forgotten category”. We, with your help, cannot allow this to happen and invite you to write to us at , or even better, to visit our premises at Mike Vitomirovića Street 6. and tell us your suggestions and ideas about the future work of the library. Finally, we will end with a rarely quoted saying “Wear an old coat, buy a new book”.

PS  We owe our gratitude to the people without whom this library would not be what it is today: Miladin Stanojević (the first Director), Dragoljub Đenadić – Đenet, Nevena Bošković, Petar Berić.