PUK Bogatić

PUK Bogatić

The public utility company “Bogatić” was founded in 1984. as the Communal Labor Organization “Žurava”, and has been operating under its current name since 1989. years.
The company is engaged in the production, inspection and distribution of water to households, industrial and other consumers, removal of waste and garbage, arrangement and maintenance of parks and green areas, rental of space in markets, funeral services.

The internal organization of the Company is implemented according to the functional affinity of the jobs performed and made up of three work units: city cleanliness, markets and funeral services, water supply and sewerage, and bookkeeping-financial and general work.
The work units are managed by the managers, and the management consists of the deputy director and the director.
The company employs 35 workers.

The company annually produces about 500 thousand cubic meters of quality drinking water. 1933 households and 185 commercial buildings are connected to the water supply network. The distribution water network is about 36 kilometers long, and the pressure pipeline is 3.6 kilometers long. It was built 40 years ago, which is why its reconstruction was imposed as a necessity. This business was launched two years ago. As part of these activities (which continued in 2009), the old galvanized pipes of three inches were replaced with new (polyethylene) pipes with a diameter of 110 millimeters, the reconstruction of existing manholes and the construction of new ones, as well as the replacement of existing house connections.

Garbage removal service is performed mainly for users in the first zone of Bogatić and partly for users in the second zone. With the acquisition of trucks with upgrades – “garbage trucks”, conditions were created for the extension of this service to the territory of the entire local community of Bogatić, as well as to parts of the rural area. Household garbage is collected in appropriate bins or garbage bags and taken to the central public landfill “Nišno polje” on Tuesdays. Construction waste (rubble) refers to the rubble dump located on the right side of the Bogatić-Zminjak road. Throughout the year, landfill disposal was regular with mechanical clearing. 1.6 million dinars are spent annually on these jobs.

Workers of PUK “Bogatić” are engaged in the arrangement and maintenance of green and other public areas. This segment of activity includes mowing grass, trimming hedges, cleaning canals, collecting waste from green areas, trimming tree rows, cutting and removing trees, and other jobs.

Funeral services are performed in full and without problems. The task of the company is to comply with the Rulebook on burials and the conditions for carrying out construction and stone-cutting works at the city cemetery.

JKP “Bogatić” also provides services for the arrangement and maintenance of markets, as well as the leasing of market places (at the green and livestock markets).