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The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bogatić (TOOB) was founded by the Assembly of the Municipality of Bogatić and started its work on June 14, 2011.

In order to valorize, develop and improve tourism and the tourist offer, preserve and protect tourist values in the territory of the municipality of Bogatić, it performs the following tasks:

  • improvement of tourism in the municipality;
  • development of tourism development programs and corresponding planning acts
  • organization of tourist information activities, cultural, sports and other events of interest for the improvement of tourism in the municipality;
  • improvement and promotion of original values (tradition, customs, ethnological treasures, etc.) of the tourist area to which the municipality belongs and creation of conditions for its use;
  • organizes cultural, sports and other manifestations of interest for the improvement of tourism in the territory of the municipality;

The tourist organization of the municipality of Bogatić cooperates with the tourist organizations of cities and municipalities (Inđija, Novi Sad, Šabac, Loznica, Ljubovija,…) Spa Koviljača, “Drina for the third millennium” – Sunčana Reka, Tourism Fair – Novi Sad).

Immediately after its establishment, TOOB took on a large part of the work in organizing and promoting the traditional event “Hajdučko vece”. With intensive promotion on the ground and in the media, this manifestation has significantly improved in terms of attendance and content enrichment.
As part of the event, a motorcycle rally was held, and TOOB, with the great help of the Town Administration of the town of Šabac and the Tourist Organization of the town of Šabac, organized a regatta called the “Hajdučka regatta” for the first time in this region, in which he participated about 28 vessels with over 200 participants.

Currently, with the project called “Development of tourism and tourist organization of Bogatić municipality”, she applied for funds from the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, tourism sector, from the Ministry’s fund intended for co-financing.
The creation of the TOOB website, as well as the creation of the websites of some of the ethno-complexes from the territory of the municipality, the installation of tourist signage and city lights, is in progress.

TOOB will by the end of 2011. participate and realize promotional performances at the following fairs and tourist exchanges: Tourism Fair in Novi Sad, Tourist Exchange in Kragujevac and Regional Tourist Exchange in Zagreb. The goal of the participation of TO Bogatić is the promotion of its own tourism potential, the affirmation and promotion of the Municipality and the Tourist Organization, as well as the establishment of contacts in Serbia and the Balkan region. As part of promotions, special emphasis would be placed on tourism journalists and owners of travel agencies.

Our values are represented more in the form of potential, and the prerequisites for converting potential into an offer already exist, it is necessary to promote these resources in order to create awareness of their existence among potential visitors. In accordance with the above, the general goal is the general popularization of resources in order to increase attendance and shape the tourist offer, but also to create clear strategic guidelines for the development of tourism in the municipality of Bogatić.
In accordance with that, the work on the inventory and creation of the Development Action Plan was started.


Phone/fax: 015/7787-505
e-mail: turist.bogatic@gmail. com
director: Darko Mašić