Folklore Ensemble

Folklore Ensemble

Bogatić 21.09.2009

Đido at a concert in Bogatić

An ensemble of veterans

Children’s ensemble

Gido at the competition

Giddo games from Mačva

Performance by FA Đido

Djida’s performance


The folklore ensemble “Đido” grew out of the former Cultural and Artistic Society “Janko Veselinović”, founded in 1950. years. The ensemble was named after the work of the same name by Janko Veselinović. Since 1995 the ensemble works continuously and achieves notable results. Basing its program on traditional and stylized forms of folk creativity, “Đido” preserves dance, song, costume and customs from oblivion. The ensemble’s program includes choreographies by maestro Branko Marković, ballet champion of the National Theater in Belgrade, as well as choreographies by other eminent artists: Dobrivoj Putnik, Radomir Vuković, Bora Talevski, Goran Mitrović. Special attention was paid to the stage presentation of the program.

Among the biggest successes in the country, the placing among the 18 best ensembles of Serbia at the Republic Show in Požarevac and the Golden Plaque won by the Children’s Ensemble at the Republic Show in Kraljevo stand out.

“Gido” successfully represented Serbia at international folklore festivals in Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Poland, and Slovenia.

Today, the ensemble gathers around 300 members of different ages, who are divided into five children’s ensembles, preparatory ensembles, first performers, veteran ensembles, a singing group and a folk orchestra. All ensembles perform several times in Bogatić during the year. These concerts are by far the most visited cultural events. Also, members of the ensemble visit all local communities where conditions exist. The programs of this ensemble are the backbone of the traditional “Hajduk Evening” manifestation.

The artistic director of the ensemble is Miloš Simić, and the director of the folk orchestra is Zoran Puzić.