Social life

Health and social protection

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Cultural and educational center Bogatić

The cultural and educational center in the House of Culture organizes various manifestations - concerts, performances, poetry evenings, book promotions, and art exhibitions. In addition to the Cultural and Educational Center, the work of cultural and artistic societies is organized in several villages in the municipality of Bogatić, namely: KUD "Živan Arnautović" - Badovinci, KUD "Stanimir Josipović" - Belotić, KUD "Bisernica" - Dublje, KUD "Mačvanka" -Klenje, KUD"Vez"-Glušci. All cultural and artistic societies have the support of their local communities and the Municipality, which allocates funds from the budget for their functioning, concerts, trips...

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Primary and secondary education

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Preschool institution

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