Municipal service center

Municipal service center

It is located on the ground floor of the SO Bogatić building.
Within the municipal service center, citizens can get all the necessary information about the work of the local self-government and help in solving problems related to the services provided by the local self-government.

The municipal service center is the first step in creating a modern, efficient and transparent local government that successfully meets the needs of citizens.

There are four counters in the service center, namely:

  • Counter No. 1 – Office, receipt of cases, verification of signatures and verification of the voter list
  • Counters no. 2 and 3 – Registry Office
  • Counter No. 4 – Verification of manuscripts and transcripts and issuance of work booklets
  • Counters no. 5 and 6 – Parental allowance
  • Counters 7 and 8 – Reception of tax returns of legal and natural persons

Phone. 7413 – 018