Dr. Mladen, Mlađa Milošević, doctor


dr. The younger Milošević

Certificate of citizenship dr. Mladena, Mladje Milosevic

Dr. Mladen Milošević, born in Šumadija, graduated from medical school and received his doctorate from the prestigious Sorbonne in France, where he went through Albania with the Serbian army in 1915. and from where he returned to help his poor and unenlightened Serbia, from December 1924. year he tied his fate to Macva. He was then 27 years old.

Along with Mačva, he soon fell in love with a girl from this area, Radmila Mojašević from a reputable trading house in Šabac. They got married in 1925. built a house in Bogatić according to the project of architect Branislav Kojić. In it, Dr. Mlađa, as his Macvani called him, in 1929. opened the first private surgery in Mačva. Among other things, he equipped the office with an X-ray machine, and he used his private car as an ambulance to transport patients to the Šabac hospital. He treated the poor for free, and on the prescriptions he wrote messages to the pharmacist Đorđević that he would pay for the medicines of his poor patients himself.

On the list of the Yugoslav Radical Community in 1938. In 2010, he was elected as a representative of the Mačva district in the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Stenographic notes from parliamentary sessions testify that he often appeared for the floor, and most often spoke about the position of the peasants. He continued his educational mission in 1939. with the founding of the newspaper “Podrinski odjek” – a newspaper for economic, cultural and political renewal. But the shadow of the Second World War loomed over Europe. On the occasion of the German aggression against France, former French students Dr. Mladen Milošević and lawyer Nemanja Stanković wrote to the French ambassador in Belgrade that the peasants of the famous Mačva, who were the first victims in 1914. year, express the heroic people of France’s readiness to defend freedom together and manifest once again their brotherhood in arms and indelible friendship.

The bombing of Belgrade, according to Dr. Teodor Božin, found Dr. Mladen Milošević in the Šabac hospital where he was tending to the wounded. After the occupation, the doctors received announcements that they were prisoners of war and were not allowed to move without the permission of the German authorities. That was his only “connection” with the occupier, so he did not heed the warnings of Dr. Žika Janković, a communist and partisan, who advised his colleague to stay away, because there were announcements of liquidations. He thought that he had no reason to stay away from his Macvans, because if he had not charged them with good, he said, he certainly had not charged them with evil. He also refused the offer of a German officer, who lived in his house for a short time (German officers lived in all the better houses) to travel to Šabac, where his daughters were, in an armored car. He traveled in a buggy, with his wife Radmila, Dr. Simić and the school superintendent Mihailović. A group of partisans stopped them at Bitva. They took him and Dr. Simić to Petkovica. He was 4. September 1941 years. He was shot four days later, and after two months he was taken from the common grave, which the people still call Poslanička jama, and buried in Bogatić.

Milosevic’s house was looted, and the family split up. Already at the end of 1941. The newly formed County People’s Court moved into their house, and after the liberation, the County Committee of the KPJ took it as its headquarters. The house, which used to be Europe in Mačva, is now dilapidated and defaced with an added floor. Several families are accommodated in it.

Dr. Mladen Milošević was rehabilitated by the decision of the Chamber of the District Court in Šabac on 12 October 2007 years. The request was submitted by Dr. Mladen’s younger daughter, Vera Popović. The elder Olga died in 2004. without waiting for the state’s recognition that an injustice had been committed.

In the extensive explanation about the rehabilitation, among other things, it is written that “Dr. Mladen Milosevic was deprived of his life without a court decision and proceedings, as well as without concrete guilt, primarily for the purpose of intimidating others… He was shot because the occupation caught him as a member of parliament and in the people a valued and respected intellectual and doctor… This is why the District Court considers that the late Mladen Milosevic was not an enemy of the people, but a victim of persecution and violence by members of the partisan movement”.

Before the government of Dr. Mladen Milošević, he rehabilitated the people at whose request in 1992 one of the most beautiful streets in Bogatić was named after him. And his wife Radmila, for whom in the decision of the District Court in Bogatic on the confiscation of the property of the “enemy of the people” Dr. Mladen Milosevic, it was written that she escaped with the Germans, and she was in Auschwitz, before the state of Serbia (rehabilitated on November 29, 2006). was rehabilitated by the state of Poland, which in 1991 In 2008, by decree of the President of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, she posthumously awarded the high honor of the Cross of Auschwitz.