Milić Stanković – Milić from Mačva, academic painter


Milić from Mačva

Picture of Milić of Mačva

Milić Stanković (Milić of Mačva) was born on 30 October 1934 in Belotić, and died on 8 December 2000 in Belgrade. He is one of the most eminent Serbian painters of the 20th century. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (today, the Faculty of Fine Arts) in 1959. years. After that, he was on a study stay in Paris. The first solo exhibition was opened by 1. September 1959 In Belgrade. He had his first solo exhibition abroad in 1964. in Geneva. He has been a member of ULUS since 1960. years. During 1964 and in 1965 lived and worked in Paris, then in Belgrade, Brussels, Belotić, Zlatibor and Piros (Greece).

He was one of the 13 members of “Medijale”. His paintings are dominated by floating logs, followed by glowing balls and icebergs. In addition to painting, he was also involved in architecture (he designed and built three studios), sculpting and writing poetry. He was buried in the Alley of meritorious citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade. In the center of Bogatić, the Municipality of Bogatić erected a memorial in respect and memory of the great artist.