Church – a memorial ossuary and a complex of monuments of earlier wars in Dublje


Dublje church and ossuary

The memorial ossuary church was built in 1936. year, modeled on the monuments of the Moravian style group. It is made in the form of a developed triconchos with an eight-sided dome. There is a bell tower above the chancel, and in the crypt below it are the bones of soldiers who died in the First World War. The altar apse and choirs are pentagonal on the outside and semicircular on the inside. The richly decorated facades reflect the Serbian-Byzantine style of construction. Two horizontal cornices divide the facades into three parts. The portals are on the west side and on the choir stalls. In the lunette above the western portal is a niche with a painted image of the Ascension of Christ. The iconostasis partition decorated with woodcarving was installed during the construction of the temple. The icons were painted by Stevan Čalić.

A complex of monuments dedicated to earlier wars, which consists of a pedestal on which are placed monuments to the participants of the wars from 1912-1918. and from 1941-1945. and the memorial bust of Duke Milić Drinčić are located southeast of the temple.