The building of the District Head Office – Municipal Assembly

The building was built as a typical building for the needs of the county administration in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. A similar building was built in parallel in Zaječar. Its construction began in 1929. years. During the visit of King Alexander the First Karađorđević to Bogatić, 3. June 1934 year, the building was built, but not completed. On that occasion, the king approved funds from the budget of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, so it was completed the same year.

After the war, the building was the center of Sreza Mačvanski, and from 1955 until today it is the seat of the Municipality of Bogatić. The building is located on the corner of two streets, on the regulation lines. Facade panels, as well as roof planes, follow a very developed foundation. The central part of the building, placed at the corner of the streets, has a semicircular base and a circular fire dome at the top, which dominates. The facade panels are modestly decorated, except for some parts where decorative plastic inspired by the Hungarian Art Nouveau is applied.