Branko Đurković – conductor


Branko Đurković – conductor

Conductor Branko Đurković was born in Dublje, not far from Šabac, on December 23, 1937. years.
He was educated in Dublje, Šabac, Sarajevo and Belgrade. He finished elementary school in Dublje, and studied at the Music School (clarinet department), Gymnasium and Teacher’s School in Šabac. He graduated from the Higher School of Music in Sarajevo, and the Faculty of Music (Department of Music Theory) in Belgrade. He studied conducting for two years with Professor Mihailo Vukdragović, and completed his postgraduate studies (the first master’s degree in conducting in SFRY) at the FMU in Belgrade in the class of Professor Vojislav Ilić in 1978. years.

First, he worked at the Elementary School “Sele Jovanović” in Šabac, then at the Music and Teacher’s School. He spent eight years as a high school professor at the Pedagogical Academy in Šabac.

September 1979 In 1980, he was elected as a professional associate for the course Choral Conducting at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, and in 1980 became an assistant professor at the same faculty. In 1986 he was elected as an associate professor at FMU, and since 1991 until his retirement in 2003. years, he spent at that faculty as a full professor, where, in addition to choral conducting to regular students and postgraduates, he also taught basics of vocal technique to conducting students and music theory, as well as conducting exercises to composition students.