After the death of the Turkish emperor Bayazit I in the battle of Angora in 1402 with the Mongols, the Serbian prince Stefan Lazarević received from the Byzantine emperor the title of despot of Serbia, and from the Hungarians he received the administration of the Banovina of Macva together with Belgrade.

The Turks occupy all of Serbia, including Mačva in 1439. Đurađ Branković took refuge in Hungary, from where in 1443 and in 1444. invades Serbia and occupies it all the way to Sofia. Turks in 1458. In 1910, they recaptured Macva and burned it together with Sirmium. During the Despotic era, several monasteries and churches were built in Mačva: Culjković, Radovašnica, Petkovica, Cokešina, Ivanja (Novo Selo) and in Klenj.