Municipal administration of Bogatić municipality

Competences of the municipal administration

  • prepares regulations and other acts adopted by the Municipal Assembly, the President of the Municipality and the Council;
  • executes decisions and other acts of the Municipal Assembly, the president of the municipality and the council;
  • decides in the administrative procedure in the first instance about the rights and duties of citizens, companies, institutions and other organizations in administrative matters under the jurisdiction of the municipality;
  • performs duties of administrative supervision over the execution of regulations and other general acts of the Municipal Assembly;
  • executes laws and other regulations whose implementation is entrusted to the municipality;
  • performs professional and other duties determined by the Municipal Assembly, the President of the Municipality and the Council;
  • submits a report on his work on the execution of tasks under the jurisdiction of the municipality and tasks entrusted to him, to the president of the municipality, the council and the municipal assembly as necessary, and at least twice a year.

The municipal administration is managed by the mayor. The head of the Administration can be appointed by a person who has graduated from the Faculty of Law, passed the exam for working in state administration bodies and has at least five years of work experience in the service.
The head of the administration is appointed by the council, on the basis of a public announcement, for five years.
The head of administration has a deputy who replaces him in case of his absence or inability to perform his duties. The deputy head is appointed in the same way and under the same conditions as the head.
The mayor is responsible for his work and the work of the administration to the Municipal Assembly and Council in accordance with the law and the Municipal Statute.