Assistant to the municipal president – Matija Milovanović

Assistant to the mayor of the municipality - Matija Milovanović

Assistant to the mayor of the municipality – Matija Milovanović


Assistants to the municipal president initiate initiatives, propose projects and give opinions regarding issues that are important for the development of the municipality in the areas for which they are appointed and instructed by the municipal president.

The municipal president’s assistants are appointed and dismissed by the municipal president.

Matija Milovanović

He was born on the 17th. November 1982 in Karlovac, Republic of Croatia. He finished elementary school “Laza K. Lazarevic” in Klenj, and “Mačvanska secondary school” in Bogatić. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Novi Sad, and completed a master’s degree in academic studies in law, as well as a master’s degree in academic studies in political science, majoring in international relations and diplomacy.

Legal trainee at the “Petrov” law office in Sremska Mitrovica. He held several important public functions in the municipality of Bogatić. He was a member of the Municipal Council of Bogatić Municipality since July 2013. until July 2014. years. Since July 2014, he has been the director of the Public Enterprise “Directorate for Construction Land, Roads and Construction of the Municipality of Bogatić”. until the end of 2016. years. President of the Management Board of the Health Center in Bogatic since October 2017. until November 2018. years. From 2018 From 2005 until today, he is the assistant to the president of the municipality of Bogatić in the area of local self-government organization, education, sports and culture, communal infrastructure, social issues and youth issues.

He speaks English and uses Spanish.

Married, father of one child. He has been a member of the Serbian Progressive Party since its foundation.