Bogatić Municipality Assembly

Bogatić Municipality Assembly

The Municipal Assembly is the highest authority that performs the basic functions of local government, established by the Constitution, the law and the Statute.

The Bogatić Municipal Assembly consists of 31 councilors, who are elected by citizens in direct elections, by secret ballot, in accordance with the law and the Statute. Decisions are made by the majority of votes of the councilors present, unless the law or the Statute stipulates otherwise.

The Municipal Assembly is considered constituted by the election of the President of the Municipal Assembly and the appointment of the Secretary of the Municipal Assembly.

Powers of the Assembly

Municipal Assembly in accordance with the law

  • adopts the Municipal Statute and the Rules of Procedure of the Municipal Assembly;
  • passes the budget and approves the final account of the municipality,
  • determines the rates of source revenues of the municipality, as well as the method and criteria for determining the amount of local taxes and fees,
  • brings development programs of the municipality and individual activities,
  • adopts the Urban Plan of the municipality and regulates the use of construction land,
  • passes regulations and other acts,
  • calls a municipal referendum for the whole or part of the municipality, declares itself on the proposals contained in the citizens’ initiative and determines the proposed decision on self-contribution,
  • establishes services, public companies, institutions and organizations, determined by the Statute and supervises their work, appoints and dismisses the Management and Supervisory Boards, appoints and dismisses the directors of public companies, institutions, organizations, offices whose founders and approves their Statutes, in in accordance with the law
  • elects and dismisses the President of the Assembly and the Deputy President of the Assembly, appoints and dismisses the Secretary of the Assembly,
  • elects and dismisses the president of the municipality, and on the proposal of the president of the municipality, elects the deputy president of the municipality and members of the municipal council,
  • determines municipal taxes and other local revenues that belong to the municipality by law,
  • determines the fees for the arrangement and use of Gadjevina land,
  • alienation and disposal of immovable property in the public ownership of the municipality,
  • in accordance with the law, passes acts on the public settlement of the municipality, in accordance with the law regulating the public debt,
  • prescribes the working hours of catering, trade and craft establishments,
  • gives an opinion on the republican and regional spatial plan,
  • gives an opinion on the laws regulating issues of interest to the municipality,
  • gives consent to the use of the name, coat of arms and other symbols of the municipality,
  • performs other duties established by law and the Statute.