Municipality of Bogatić

Municipality of Bogatić

The municipality of Bogatić is a territorial unit in which citizens exercise the right to local self-government in accordance with the Constitution, the law and the Statute of the municipality, through citizens’ initiatives, assemblies of citizens, referendums, other forms of citizen participation in the performance of the affairs of the Municipality of Bogatić and through their councilors in the Municipal Assembly.

The territory of the municipality of Bogatić includes populated places, i.e. the areas of cadastral municipalities: Bogatić, Badovinci, Klenje, Očage, Salaš Crnobarski, Crna Bara, Glogovac, Sovljak, Banovo Polje, Mačvanski Metković, Glušci, Uzveće, Belotić, Dublje.

The seat of the municipality is in Bogatić.

Municipality Day is the 10th. September.

The municipality of Bogatić conducts affairs with its competences established by the Constitution and the law, as well as affairs within the framework of the rights and duties of the Republic that are entrusted by law.

The affairs of the municipality of Bogatić are managed by the municipal authorities within the scope of their competence established by law and the Municipal Statute. The work of the organ is public.

The bodies of the municipality of Bogatić are the Municipal Assembly, the executive bodies of the municipality (president of the municipality and the municipal council) and the municipal administration.