President of Bogatić Municipality – Milan Damnjanović

President of Bogatić Municipality - Milan Damnjanović

Milan Damnjanović

The municipal president is elected by the municipal assembly, from among councilors, for a period of four years, by secret ballot, with a majority of votes from the total number of councilors of the municipal assembly. The mayor of the municipality has a deputy who replaces him in case of his absence and inability to perform his duties.

The President of the Municipal Assembly proposes a candidate for the President of the Municipality. The candidate for the municipal president proposes a candidate for the deputy municipal president from among the councilors, who is elected by the Municipal Assembly in the same way as the municipal president.

The municipal president and deputy municipal president’s mandate as councilors in the Municipal Assembly ends upon election to these positions. The mayor and the deputy mayor are permanently employed in the municipality.

The responsibilities of the President of the Municipality are:

  • represents and represents the municipality;
  • directly executes and takes care of the execution of decisions and other acts of the municipality;
  • proposes a way of solving issues decided by the Municipal Assembly;
  • the ordering party is for the execution of the budget;
  • directs and coordinates the work of the Administration;
  • passes individual and other acts for which he is authorized by law, city regulation, Statute or decision of the Municipal Assembly;
  • conclude collective agreements on behalf of the municipality for institutions, companies and other public services founded by the municipality;
  • appoints and dismisses the municipal president’s assistants;
  • organizes the work of the body and assigns specific tasks to the members of the body and appoints members for permanent work in the municipality;
  • adopts the rulebook on salaries and other incomes of elected, appointed and appointed persons in municipal bodies;
  • determines prices, that is, gives consent to the prices of products and services within the jurisdiction of the municipality in accordance with the law;
  • gives consent to general acts of organizations whose work is financed from the municipal budget, which regulate the number and structure of employees and gives consent to the number and structure of employees and other persons engaged in the implementation of programs or parts of programs of beneficiaries of the municipal budget, in accordance with the law;
  • rules on letting for use, that is, on lease, as well as on the cancellation of the contract on letting for use, that is, on lease and placing a mortgage on immovable property used by municipal authorities, in accordance with the law;
  • informs the public about its work;
  • forms expert advisory working bodies for individual tasks within its jurisdiction;
  • performs other duties determined by the Statute and other acts of the municipality.

Milan Damnjanović

Milan Damnjanović was born on 17 August 1971 years. He finished secondary technical school, “Vujo Matić”, Loznica, and then the Faculty of Management and obtained the title – graduate engineer of management. He has been engaged in entrepreneurship since 1992. year, through several different service activities. Bogaić held the position of deputy mayor of the municipality since August 2010. until June 2012. year, and he held the position of assistant to the mayor of the Bogatić municipality since June 2012. year to date, with a job description in the field of education, tourism, culture, sports, entrepreneurship and social protection. In August 2020 year, by the decision of the Municipal Assembly, Bogatić was elected as the president of the municipality of Bogatić.

He is one of the three trustees of the municipal board of the Serbian Progressive Party in Bogatic. Married, father of four children.