Miloš S. Milojević – historian, politician and writer


Miloš S. Milojević

Miloš S. Milojević – historian, politician and writer

He was born in Crna Bara on 16 October 1840 years. His father was a priest. He finished high school in Belgrade, where he graduated in 1862. graduated from the Faculty of Law. Then he goes to Moscow where he continues his education. He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philosophy simultaneously studying comparative philology of living and extinct Slavic tribes with political and comparative literature. Encouraged by the acquired knowledge, it was publicly advertised for the first time in 1866. year article of Propaganda in Turkey, given that the Serbs were still under foreign rule at that time. He also founded the Second Department of the Seminary, for which he selects students from all Serbian regions under the Turks and urgently prepares them for teachers and priests in unliberated regions.

About three hundred students passed through that school, and soon, at the request of Milojević, under his supervision, Volunteer and Uprising detachments were created, whose military contribution was immeasurable /J. H. Vasiljević/ during the Serbian-Turkish war of 1876-1878, when he distinguished himself as a volunteer commander. Hence the book Serbian-Turkish War 1876-1878. Mr.

He died on the 24th. June 1897 in Belgrade and buried at the New Cemetery. He devoted a good part of his life and work to raising national consciousness among the Serbian people.