Roman era


Around 60. BC, the Romans come to the Sava in Mačva, who in difficult battles push the Skordiski across the Sava and establish their rule in this area. Due to the proximity of one of the Roman capitals of Sirmium – today’s Sremska Mitrovica, Mačva is quite populated and intertwined with Roman roads. Mačvanska Mitrovica was part of Sirmium, and important river crossings were near Crna Bara, Loznica and Zvornik.

There are a large number of sites from this period all over Mačva, and the Sirmium excavations are among the most beautiful in Europe. The Romans stayed in these areas until the 5th century AD when they retreated before the Sarmatians, Huns, Goths, Gepids, Lombards and Avars.