Ranking list of registered enumerator candidates for the 2023 Agriculture census

Candidates are grouped by the settlements where they live, that is, by clusters (two or more smaller settlements are grouped into one cluster) and are ranked by the number of points they have achieved based on the data provided in the application.

For candidates who are invited to the second stage of selection (submission of documentation and interview), the date and place of submission of documentation and interview are listed on the Ranking List.

It is considered that with the publication of this Ranking list, all candidates who applied for the job of enumerator have been informed about the results of the first stage of selection, and about when and where the candidates who entered the second stage of selection should come to submit the required documentation and interview.

In the “Documents” section, there is a ranking list of candidates who are invited to an interview with scheduled appointments, as well as a list of the necessary documents that the candidate should bring with him.